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Top Five Things you Need in your Diaper Bag

Top Five Things You Need in Your Diaper Bag

Five Reasons Why I Wear my Baby

For many of you, I don’t need to explain. You already know the joys of baby wearing and you wouldn’t have it any other way. Others of you may be wondering what is the big deal about baby wearing. Maybe you think it looks too hot, too heavy, and too inconvenient. Why not just use a stroller?

Five Things I Will Do Differently With My Next Baby

I made lots of dumb mistakes with my first child. Well, maybe I shouldn’t call them mistakes. Let’s say I made some decisions that seem silly now that I’m a more experienced mom. Here is my list of the Top 5 Things I will totally do differently when my next baby comes.

Self Care: Why Mom Can’t be the Starving Baker

Have you ever heard the story of the starving baker? It’s about a hard working man who owns a bakery. Every day, he starts early, stays late, and has almost no help. More people come to his shop by the day because the food and the service are so excellent, and they all leave satisfied. But what no one seems to notice is the exhausted baker who is growing thinner by the day. He is so busy feeding the people in his shop that he never stops to feed himself.

The JuJuBe Be Sporty: A Sensible Review

It took me a loooooong time to try the new Be Sporty by Ju-Ju-Be. I’m a BRB girl for the most part, and I just didn’t think the Sporty could ever compare. So, I skipped it.

The Top 5 Baby Products that Got Me Through My Son’s Infancy


My little stinker is rapidly approaching toddlerhood. It’s bittersweet, to say the least. Today, I spent a little time going through our baby gear to put the stuff we don’t use anymore in storage until next time.  As I rummaged through these items, I realized that I really couldn’t have survived Roman’s infancy without some of them. Since I have a few friends who are approaching their due date, I figured that now might be a good time to give my recommendations of the top 5 baby products that (I believe) are essential for making it through those first few months. So, here we go:

Product Spotlight: Itzy Ritzy Snack Bags

Like so many moms, I love using pouches to organize my diaper bag. There is just something so satisfying about having a place for everything and everything in its place. I’ll confess that I use Ju-Ju-Be pouches most of the time, but I love to incorporate pouches from other brands because they offer a different variety of prints and sizes.